While Penning Poker Book New Yorker Writer Turn Into A Poker Champ

She did not quit her day job to become a poker player of great esteem; instead Maria Konnikova used her day job to do it. The writer from New York writer and also the best-selling author is in the middle of writing a book which is about trying to learn the skill of the game at the high-stakes level, but now she says she has picked up poker game quickly would be putting it gently.

On Tuesday, she played a game and won the PCA National Championship in the Bahamas. To your surprise this event wasn’t just some weekly poker game. But, it was the $1,650 buy-in event and Konnikova got the prize of $84,600 after winning this event.

After winning the event, she twitted Guys, Thanks for all of the amazing support.

“I’m thrilled that this happened, I am also in a kind of surprise, Konnikova says in this video shared

You can find the complete video of this event that shows the wonderful game of Konnikova and how she won the event. The video is available on the internet.

Of course, Konnikova, who earned the prize of the amount of over $116,000 on the tables after making an announcement about her book last March, didn’t do it all by herself. The premise book is that she has been coached by poker legend Erik Seidel, in the video; she has clearly said this and has also thanked him profusely. However, to take down the field of 290 players and to win the event she used all her own skill. This requires a lot of skill. She is a PhD scholar and she used her brain as well as working hard to win this event as well as the big prize pool and the reward.