Laura Fink, a professional poker player

Laura Fink has an origin of United States. She played her 1st tournament in March 2005 in ladies No – limit Hold’Em in which she had a 1st rank with $8,265 as wining prize. Then she played three more tournaments in the year 2005 in which she won $15445.

In the year 2006 she played five tournaments in which the best that she played was in April 2006 Las Vegas in which she had got 6th prize and the wining amount was $4,925. In the year 2014 she played two tournaments in which her score was not much good as the pervious tournaments years. Her rank was 33rd and 32nd with the wining amount of $1,315 and $16,296. These events were held in Los Angeles and Atlantic City in the year 2007. Her last match was played in Las Vegas which was of the World Series of poker in which her rank was 219st and she had won $2,742.

Her largest tournament cash prize was $50,745 in the five diamond World Poker Classic Championships in which her rank was 22nd. Her lowest cash prize was $1,180 which took place in Palm Beach and the event was Ultimate Poker classic in which she had 9th rank. She had a passion of playing this game of poker. Continue reading Laura Fink, a professional poker player