Is Counselling a waste of money?

A joint parliamentary enquiry has found out counseling for problem poker gamblers does not properly work and is actually a waste of money. The hearing is attempting to work out all the good ways to serve problem gamblers.

The Australian Council of Churches tells that a public advertisement campaign must tell everyone that the machines are danger and it must not be played regularly.
The Prime Minister, In January, abandoned her loyalty to independent Andrew Wilkie to bring in compulsory pre-commitment tech on poker playing machines, a measure encouraged by the Productivity Commission to handle the problem gambling.

After a month, a joint parliamentary commission was arrange to see at what kind of measures work in serving problem gamblers quit. Two former poker addicts, this morning, gave the hearing a glance into their past. Julia Karpathakis said Nick Xenophon, the independent senator that her addiction cost her house. She stated that previously she had been never questioned whether she have a problem or not. Many times she would go with the intention that she was only about to spend $ 20 and she would be back and forth to the ATM till she had nothing left. At present, Ms Karpathakis heads Pokies Anonymous, a support group.

Another ex addict Shonica Guy is now a volunteer with this group. For fourteen years, she played for the pokies. She tells that the machines kept her in a zombie-like charm. She was hypnotized and half her life is gone.