Nosebleed Rules Over EPT Grand, Railbird Online Report Says

It is usually seen that big and famous poker plays such as European Poker Tour Grand Final’ undergoes hold up at the online nosebleeds.

But it cannot be said that it happens all time. This week also tells the similar story. Some of the biggest poker players attended the EPT 11 in Monaco while some other great poker players could not be seeing doing any good in poker festivals.

The Online Railbird Report of the last week discloses the names of the poker players who had who participated in EPT tournament. Viktor Isidur1 Blom is also one of them, and he did not only participate in the game but he became such a player who made million in just one day. Consequently, he got successful in topping the weekly leaderboard as he had made profit of $893,714 on PokerStar. If we talk about the player who became biggest loser of the week, it is Mr Blom because he had to lose $864,653; however, he could succeed in making paltry profit worth $29,061 this week.

Now, come to the real winner of the week, it is such a poker player who played 1,157 hands in full tilt 16 sessions. It is the Ben Sauce1234 Sulsky, and he could get successful to win $691,213. He jumped into $259,095, and he made victory in 4,000 hands in 35 sessions of the PokerStars. It is the place where he is known such a player playing under ‘Saucer123’. It is said that he is a player that has won one million this week. Continue reading Nosebleed Rules Over EPT Grand, Railbird Online Report Says

First Time Daniel Negreanu win $50K during Twitch Live Stream

Daniel Negreanu is no stranger to poker wins, and this time he launched his online real-money poker in style on April 20 on the Amazon’s in style and went on to win $50K. The session lasted three hours and Negreanu, won a total of $50,000 in ring games. He was interacting with thousands of watchers during the period while he played $400/$800 8-game on PokerStars.

Twitch was the first appearance for Negreanu, and he streamed it on PokerStars with play-money games. A staggering 150, 000 exclsuive viewers were netted with the broadcast which also fetched him subscribers numbering 4000. The Team PokerStars Pro members thanked Jamie Staples, new Friend of PokerStars, and Jason Sommerville of Team PokerStars Pro for helping him and making the Twitch a cool event.

Now Negreanu’s channel has accumulated an enormous 229,000 viewers and followers amounting to about 14,000. For Negreanu it was fun initially to stream his actions, as well as talk to the viewers in between, but the poker pro has the potential to turn out to be Twitch’s most famous poker play streamer.

However the “Kid Poker” really will have to work hard to do some catching with Somerville who is in the lead with his Run it Up!, on television has near about 5.9 million viewers as well as a stupendous 91, 000 fans. But for the present he can surpass Staples who has a viewership of 1.5 million and followers numbering 23,000.

The possibility of Negreanu streaming on a day to day basis like the other poker players mentioned above is remote though. But he seems to be enjoying the experience genuinely and was greatly excited by the $50, 000 he earned out of the experience. This was personally conveyed by Negreanu after he ended the first real money session on Twitch.

Fabian Quoss, high prize achieving poker player

Fabian Quoss was born in Germany. Fabian is a German poker player.

Fabian started playing poker in the year 2008. That year he played for only one tournament. That year he played also played his first poker tournament in the Vienna Simmering. In that event he was ranked 15th and had won $1,125. After that in the year 2009 Fabian played for five big events. That year lucky for him as his rank was good enough and he made a lot of money by win the poker game. This year he played one of his highest prize winning events. He played the WSOP in Las Vegas in which he was ranked 2nd and his prize money was $4, 27,911.

In the year 2010 Fabian played six tournaments, in which he was ranked high and this year he his wining prize was much more than last year. This year his highest achieving event was English Poker Open 2010, which was played in London. In this, event his was ranked 1st and his winning prize was $3, 40,409. This was the first time when was ranked 1st in any poker tournament. Then in the year 2011 he played only two matches. But this year, he was twice ranked 1st. The events were in Germany and London in which his wining prize was $1, 30,380 and $1, 89,582. Then in the year 2012 also he played seven tournaments. This year was quit well for him as once he had won the tournament and in the rest of the other tournaments also he played well. This year his highest winning prize was $2, 74,880. Continue reading Fabian Quoss, high prize achieving poker player

Laura Fink, a professional poker player

Laura Fink has an origin of United States. She played her 1st tournament in March 2005 in ladies No – limit Hold’Em in which she had a 1st rank with $8,265 as wining prize. Then she played three more tournaments in the year 2005 in which she won $15445.

In the year 2006 she played five tournaments in which the best that she played was in April 2006 Las Vegas in which she had got 6th prize and the wining amount was $4,925. In the year 2014 she played two tournaments in which her score was not much good as the pervious tournaments years. Her rank was 33rd and 32nd with the wining amount of $1,315 and $16,296. These events were held in Los Angeles and Atlantic City in the year 2007. Her last match was played in Las Vegas which was of the World Series of poker in which her rank was 219st and she had won $2,742.

Her largest tournament cash prize was $50,745 in the five diamond World Poker Classic Championships in which her rank was 22nd. Her lowest cash prize was $1,180 which took place in Palm Beach and the event was Ultimate Poker classic in which she had 9th rank. She had a passion of playing this game of poker. Continue reading Laura Fink, a professional poker player

Record Breaking lead by Andrey Zaichenko in the main event of day 1 PokerStars EPT

After completing another eight levels in the Prague Main event of PokerStars, 342 players were left on Day1a and Day1b now needs 666 for breaking last year record.

As in EPT season 10 Julian Track has made a record of 1,007 and now everybody’s eyes are on the tournament if the record will broke or not.

By the end of Day 1 750 players entered into Day 1b combining the total of starting day together 1092 entries. The number can still increase; players can register until Day 2. Track wan not to play live poker after winning the record, but he didn’t kept his promise and was seen many other tournaments. 2103 runner up Georgios Sotiropoulos got 40,900 chips by the end of day. Continue reading Record Breaking lead by Andrey Zaichenko in the main event of day 1 PokerStars EPT

Eddy Sabat winner of APPT championship 2008

Eddy is one of the famous professional poker players. His full name is Edward Sabat. He was born on 1986 in Southern California.

He lives in Las Vegas, USA. His favorite poker game is No limit Hold’Em, Barcelona, Spain. His nickname is “special Ed”. He has got his degree in accounts from the University of Southern California. After finishing the college he decided to make a profession in poker. He learned poker from his brother. He started his career on Dec 2007 in WSOP Circuit in Atlantic City, where he became runner-up and cashed $29,757. In first four years Eddie cashed 21 times, made 6 final tables, made the money in 7 WSOP events, On April 2008 he visited WPT Mashantucket where he finished at 20th place and cashed $27,455. And first time he visited to WSOP at 39th event in LA.

He came under limelight on Sep 2008 on APPT in Macau where he won final table and cashed $453,427. Then on 42nd WSOP he finished at fifth place and cashed $160,949. But on 43rd WSOP he got fourth place and earned $300,753. Again in 44th WSOP he made 4th place and cashed $121,711. On December 2013 in WPT, Doyle Brunson five diamond world poker classic in LA he was second runner-up and cashed $436,160. In this event he earned 1200 POY points, highest up to his career. On 45th WSOP held on July 2014 he got 16th place and cashed $347521.

In the spare time, Eddie enjoys hanging out with friends and family, playing 9-ball pool and table tennis, watching movies, and bowling. He last played on Oct 2014 in WSOP Circuit, Hammond where he finished at 90th place and cashed $3,630. His total live earning is $2,467,980. His Global poker index rank is 79th. California, USA all time money list rank is 42nd. He has earned fifty cashes, twelve final tables in his career.