Stuart Fox has an impeccable Poker resume

If you want to go through the milestones of achievements that players from the UK have made, you cannot downplay the accomplishments of Stuart Fox. He started by creating a firm foundation online and has morphed to a superstar in the poker industry all over the UK.

To confound his critics, he has specialized in the World Series of Poker main events where he has registered impeccable performance. Going through his resume, one can infer he is poised to accomplish greater prizes and earn more bucks for his financial base. One cannot deny he has an excellently enriched poker career. His resume is endowed with numerous conspicuous achievements, the most prominent include:

A glimpse at his achievements at WSOP would shed light on his proclivity in the poker industry. In 2006, he played at the 2006 WSOP $5,000 pot-limit hold’em where he placed third to rake in $142,128. On the same years he played at the 2006 WSOP $1,500 NLHE where he was second and raked in $79,061. Nevertheless, he outshone an army of poker professionals when he played at the Barcelona On-Game Poker Classic $5,000 NLHE where he was first to plough a whacking $239,384.  His recent play was at the World Series of Poker in 2007 in a $5,000 NLHE where he garnered a sum of $448,892. Though he is yet to clinch the evasive WSOP bracelet, one cannot deny he has earned on the poker platforms.

By 2010, his live tournaments earnings exceeded $1,200,000 with his cashes accounting for $698,561. He boasts an exemplary poker resume that compares with the top-notch players who are top-ranked in England. Viewed through a neutral lens, one can infer he is poised to garner more at the WSOP; the sad fact is his long term oblivion in the live poker tournaments.