25 thoughts on “National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 6 1/4

  1. i’ve been watching some of these videos now, and realized that they’re
    using wayyy too much cliche background music… famous pop songs, movie
    soundtracks, etc.

  2. what a stupid question… of coruse he did. Not many people know that
    Caesar (the emperor of vegas) was a big gambler and shot with his bow out
    of a limo when he won

  3. Solid yes, but I feel there are definately stronger poker players out
    there, in the 2008 World Series, Chino, had to get lucky more than once to
    make it to the final table, and that’s only the times they showed it.
    Besides, that’s his only real major accomplishment in poker, it would be
    more likely that we would see Joe Hachem than him.

  4. I agree you need to get lucky, but I felt he was taking unecessary risks,
    often bluffing, if a bluff only works say 50% and I’d have to risk my
    tournament on a bluff I probably wouldn’t because having some chips is
    always better than none.

  5. what a ridiculous statement. You obviously dont know much about tournament
    poker. In a field of a couple thousand opponents you need to come from
    behind a couple times in order to go very deep. Getting it in with the best
    of it everytime just wont happen. An think about this, even if you have AA
    every time youre all in preflop, and you have to double up ten times youre
    a 9:1 underdog to do it. So actually you have to get very lucky even if you
    have the best hand everytime.

  6. yeah he looks like a fucking drugged beat up bum. A psychopath that has
    escaped from the mental institution. His eyes are red and swallen like the
    eyes of a mad rabies dog

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