25 thoughts on “National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 3 3/4

  1. holy shit brad is an annoying prick how many fucking times does he have to
    say annie duke with that stupid voice, id like to kick him in his nuts

  2. Garrets really prides himself on being funny, but he´s just to stupid and
    wierd to realize that he´s just an annoying attention seeker that no one
    really wants to listen to. Somehow I wish him all the worst of luck in
    poker as well as in life

  3. @huyiy yeah but garrett paid to get the featured spot, the real players
    dont give a fuck about that bullshit.

  4. look at 10:16 he had 2 aces she had 7 and 4 he didnt have a pair except
    aces.. he had pair she had 2 pair… why did he win?

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