25 thoughts on “National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 2 2/4

  1. Eh… NO you better not put all your money in with two tens in the third
    hand. Look up the match between Deeb and Wasicka the same round. Early on
    Wasicka held Jacks and folded after the 3-bet all-in from Deeb who had
    Queens. The way Dwan defines “standard shove” is against maniac internet
    kids. Phil knew his style and thus trapped him right way. Usually Phil
    plays small ball with a big hand preflop. You young kids think you could
    correct anybody, no matter how long he’s been around.

  2. wouldnt have been sooo cool to have dwan and hellmuth playing in the first
    round again this year and have a repeat of what happened a year ago.
    hellmuth has to be the oldest baby i’ve ever seen before in my life and the
    way he acted when his aces couldnt hold up against dwans 10s just proved
    that fact. it was sooooo hilarrious watching that happen.

  3. how the hell can he just guess his opponents hand just like that? how can
    he even get close? (im a poker noob btw)

  4. A Q against A 2 and to duces on the board wow. I hate poker. Even if you
    are considered one of the best it doesn’t matter the deck is a bitch

  5. i cant believe i just saw three replies on a poker thread without someone
    wanting to measure their epenis very impressive

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