25 thoughts on “National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 2 1/4

  1. Keep in mind this is TV – there’s probably hours of non-all-ins, but they
    want to show the exciting stuff! 🙂 So, they only show the all-ins.

  2. @warlockskz It’s all like “raise-REraise-REREraise-ALL IN-CALL…..wait,
    neither of us have anything……”

  3. Hellmuth is a good bloke when he is not bitching like a little bitch. which
    is more often than not.

  4. it is true ferguson is difficult to read but in my opinion and i think a
    lot of people will agree, is that phil ivey is the toughest to read,
    especially in the correct position!!

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