25 thoughts on “National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 10 2/5

  1. @RMAN151995 thanks a lot motherfucker. picture yourself fucking your mom.
    yeah you did it, didn’t ya? reverse psychology.

  2. thats like saying phil hellmuth is overrated elky’s record speaks for
    itself he won 3 tournaments over a million a piece in a year he is the
    hottest player in the circuit

  3. Reasonably attractive (till she speaks) and a millionaire. Yeah, she pwns
    me 🙂 But have you ever played A3s on the button HU that badly? I mean
    ever? The call to the check-raise, after betting more than pot, was ABSURD.
    Then she got to the final and made a bunch of super-weak river laydowns. I
    still play better than her, as do tens of thousands of others. It won’t
    last for her.

  4. @BoobiesHooray So you’ve seen her hole cards for these tournaments? A lot
    of them aren’t even televised. She’s played thousands of hands in these
    tournaments and you’ve probably only seen the highlights. You probably have
    basic knowledge of tournament strategy so you know that to win a tournament
    you have to accumulate chips as the blinds and antes raise. Highlights
    don’t show these hands because it’s not good TV. People aren’t just lucky.
    Jamie Gold got lucky, but what does he do for poker now?

  5. anyone who has basic poker skills could have made it as deep as she has in
    this tournament with the cards she has gotten, thats the bottom line, and
    thats the only reason why she makes it far in any event she plays in, if I
    entered every wsop, wpt, ept, pad, lapt, appt, etc event possible and
    played abc poker, im bound to have a few tournaments where i run good, i
    dont think that would make me a good player, just a persistant one who
    plays tight.

  6. Who cares if she talk bad :p just gag her and enjoy the rest … hahahaha
    Well, she probably concern with her opponent (providing elky is more
    experienced than her) pressure too perhaps ?

  7. she is a smart girl that tries to act like shes ditzy, its lame, why doesnt
    she just act like herself instead of what she thinks that guys want her to
    be. personally I cant stand her

  8. @134844844 Hey bud. Do you have a million dollars? Do you have a bracelet?
    Oh..no? Then shut the fuck up!

  9. WTF was she doing with A3??????? underbets the flop, checks the turn,
    overbets the river, then makes the donk call, then makes the sarky comment.

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