Fabian quzoss is a famous poker player with a great record

He is the player of great force in the game of poker. He is a person who likes to be far away from media and interviews. He is recognized as a player who only likes to play poker game. A person who great skill set as well good technique you can also say that he is a player who makes a good plan that makes him to win the game. In 2010, Quos scored his first major live win at the English Poker Open in London. He cashed most of time in European poker tour and world poker tour tournaments. He faced many problems while playing poker because poker in not very famous in Asia and most of big live poker tournaments took place in America and Europe.
As of January 2014, he was 31 years old and hails from Nuremburg, Germany. At the time he entered the live tournament poker world, he was a student in Germany, but he has since taken to poker as more of a full-time endeavor. He is the player who makes his profession as passion for himself. He is a player who likes to play online games and cards. He is the player who even likes to make games in his pocket in critical situations. He also has won the London poker game. He is a player of great excellence. He has large cashes to his name. He is interested in playing in live poker tournaments all around the world.
At the age of 31, he started playing online poker tournament. He is a player who is recognized for his good game all over the globe. He is a player who has also been played the world series of poker. The player who has great talent and technique to tackle the opposition player.