Erick Lindgren

Erick Lindgren is a poker player of professional level. The man was born on the 11th of August in the year of 1976. He was born in Burney in the state of California. he has been twice the winner of the title of the tour of world poker, he has a bracelet of the series of world poker, and his total earnings in the tournaments at the time of his career in poker is above even million in dollars. The first important tournament that he won was the tournament at Bellagio in the year of 2010 and after ten months, he went to win his first title in the world tour of poker.

Erick Lindgren won the party poker cruise of the world tour of poker six months after he won the world tour of poker. He won a top prize of a million dollars there. in the circuit event of the series of world poker he finished in the second place and the year was 2005 and the month was January. The very next month, he came in the fifth position at the poker classic of Las Angeles in the world tour of poker. After seven days, he went to win the professional tour of poker for the second tome in LA.

Erick Lindgren made it to the final table of the world tour of poker in the year of 2006 in the month of January where he finished in the third place at the winter open of poker at Borgata. In the same year in June, he won a sum of $600000 which was the first prize I another event of poker. In the year of 2007, he won an amount of one million dollars after having beaten 17 players at the buy-in at $100000, which was a Hold’em event.

Erick Lindgren has written a book, which is called “World Poker Tour: Making the Final Table”. This book has elaborated the strategies required for the tournaments of poker. He has an ancestry that is of Swedish origin that is quite evident form his name. He has a membership with the team of full tilt at the Poker of Full Tilt.   he was the host of the event number 9 of the FTOPS which is a tournament of large buy-ins. the number of entrants at this tournament was over 5600 and the prize pool was over 1.56 million dollars.

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