Erick Lindgren Says He Is Bankrupt

The professional poker players can lose a lot of money if they spend their earnings like hell.

This is what has happened to professional poker Erick Lindgren “E-Dog”. This poker player has filed for bankruptcy twice so far. The first time Erick declared that he was bankrupt in the year 2012. The second time Lindgren filed for bankruptcy was in 2015 and he has done this in Las Vegas.

Erick is a very popular poker player and has 2 World Series of Poker titles under his belt. He has also won the WOP and lost most of his earnings betting on sports. Lindgren is also the former member of the Full Tilt team. He was not able to pay the money back to his creditors after the Full Tilt team came to a grinding halt on Black Friday.

This made him millions of dollars debtor and did not have any option to repay his creditors. The worst part is that Lindgren also spent the $2million amount debited in his account by Team Full Tilt that was deposited in his bank account by mistake. This amount also was included in his debts.

PokerStars has sued Erick for not paying back their money. They have salon claimed for a return of the loan that they gave Erick that amounts to $531,807. This makes that Erick Lindgren has to pay $2.5m to PokerStars and this is what they have sued him for.

It is very difficult for the $10.2 million tournament money winner to settle of his loans and dues and this is why he has filed for bankruptcy. Lindgren is still taking part in various poker tournaments and has been making final table appearances in some of them. He is also able to get some money playing the poker tournaments, but he had to part with the money to pay off for his debts.