Erick Lindgren- A Brief Look

Erick Lindgren-Professional player to win WPT
Many professional games are present in this world, out of which Poker turns to be played very much professionally. Poker players who play professionally are very much prevalent in these days too, by playing with techniques. Among those professional Pokers, Erick Lindgren is an American Professional Poker who holds 2 bracelets in WSOP. Erick was born on August 11th 1976 in California. Also, that Erick holds the fame of possessing 2 World Poker Tour Title. Erick turned possessing a child after getting married to the fellow Poker player who is named as Erica. Being a sponsored pro, Erick had been receiving a monthly pay check from the Full Tilt Poker.

Proud player:
Erick was considered as the WSOP Player of the Year 2008. Handling the game much professionally is what he does with so. Being the author of the books namely World Poker Tour: Making the final table which turned providing the cover strategy for the poker tournaments. Both Erick and Lindgren of his name sound to be Swedish names as he is from Swedish ancestry. He has made 28 cashes at the WSOP account. It was his first major tournament at Bellagrio by the year 2002 followed by which the he won his first World Poker Tour, just ten months later.

Again 6 months later, Erick Lindgren turned winning WPT Party Poker Million III Cruise, where he turned winning with million dollar prize. Then in the year 2005, Erick turned winning 2nd place in World Series of Poker Circuit. Then in the month of February, Erick finished winning in the 5th place, then a week next to that, he has won his 2nd Professional Poker Tour. By the year 2006, Erick made the next WPT table finishing in the 3rd place. Erick made many money finishes, also that he holds 2 bracelets in 2008 and 2013 WSOP events.

Everyone loves a high roller like Stu Ungar

In most sports and pastimes requiring a lot of kill as opposed to simple fitness and athletic ability – there are always people seemingly touched by genius who tread a fine line between sublimity and disaster.

Football has its George Bests and Diego Maradonas; snooker has its players like Alex Higgins and Ronnie O’Sullivan, whilst basketball has its Dennis Rodmans.

It’s fair to say that poker has more than its fair share of such high-rolling players capable of immense skill and complete disaster at any given time. But perhaps no player exemplified this fine line between the two quite as much as the legendary Stu Unger. Continue reading Everyone loves a high roller like Stu Ungar

Mickey Appleman

Mickey L. Appleman is the most famous American proficient poker player, of New Jersey. His poker attainments incorporate winning four WSOP wrist trinkets, all in distinctive varieties of poker and the top 25 completions in the WSOP Main Event. In the year 1970’s, Appleman was a normal poker player in New York City at the Mayfair Club where he played with any semblance of Seidel, Lederer, and Harrington, and he finally accompanied them to the live competition circuit in the 1980’s. Continue reading Mickey Appleman

The new director of card player poker tour

After entering the second season of card player poker tour, she became the director of card player media. Having 5 years of deep rooted experience in the poker field, Diana cox joined one of the largest companies in poker, the card player media. Her career started through playing the 2008 WSOP in Las Vegas. Being an experienced self-employed journalist and video hostess in Bluff media and several other major casinos around US, she made the step becoming the director of card player media.

Recently for the inaugural ceremony for the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open in Hollywood, Florida, she was the video hostess. After entering into this prestigious position she is looking forward to grow in the media world through travelling major poker destinations around the world. She was born and brought up outside Portland, Oregon and after attending Oregon State University she joined for journalism at a college in southern Nevada. She holds great experience working as a freelance journalist including two year experience in sports, and recreation field.

She worked as business editor for a newspaper, Molalla Pioneer near her hometown in the Las Vegas. She used to write poker news and articles for this newspaper. She was also awarded season XI WPT Montreal day 2 player of the day. The card player media will bring you latest news and video related to poker, poker strategy, tournament and results. She is planning to cover the life of high stake players. She is also looking towards to cover CPPT, the premium tournament stop. As a director, she is looking towards to cover maximum poker tournaments and to give poker lovers latest information about great tournament players and achievers. Her prior experience in this field will help her to give all the latest news regarding poker.

Harrison wins $ 432 k in WSOP 2013

Corey Harrison,an Alabama professortake a chance on WSOP 2013 and by performing a master act in tournament which taken casual by him,wins a notable sum of $432,411 and got a gold bracelet too for his hard performance matched with style.

Harrison said to the press after the match that he needs to say something to the world.Hethen showered these words.“It’s been a whirlwind and it’sall still kind of surreal to me”.However he played well and got the reward as all players stated that he can become an ace if he tries the things in a better fashion.

He planned to try the largest poker tournament this time at the age of 36,after playing some low profile tournaments held in other countries. He says his wife will be happy although she is not a big fan of poker.Making remarks about the money he earned,he made a quote that it is not at all easy to win a tournament like this when tough competition prevails in the atmosphere,where you can lose your mind any time.

Corey Harrison, puts a master class in No-Limit Hold’em at the Poker World Series and noted poker pro Mohsin Charania one of the famous player, unexpectedlybreaking in sixth place. Unfortunate in his attempts, he can’t take a steady progress as his companion had made a huge successthat can be said as a novice compared to himwhen taking a report about the matches he played.

More than two hours were taken by the Harrison to make a knockout condition that favors him.The man came in next position after Corey Harrison, is Daniel Cascadowho collected a sum of $267,452 for his success.

Lindgren Back on Top

In the world of poker tournaments, the name Erick Lindgren has become synonymous with triumph over adversity. He has gained the attention and support of countless online poker enthusiasts due to his prowess at the sport as well as his victories over a previously troubled personal life. To appreciate the eclectic story of Mr. Lingren, it is important to first examine how this embattled man has overcome adversity. Only then can we further appreciate the indelible impression that he has made on the poker community.


Like so many aspects of poker, life can sometimes deal us unexpected blows. This was just as true for Mr. Lindgren when in 2011 he found himself nearly ruined by the Black Friday which struck in April. Unable to repay past debts and having used gambling as a desperate attempt at avoiding further financial burdens, he checked himself into a gambling rehabilitation clinic during the latter half of 2012. While this indeed proves to be an interesting story, what defines Erick Lindgren are his skills at the poker table. So, let us take a look at some of his victories. Continue reading Lindgren Back on Top