Black Friday

Black Friday was not something that Erick Lindgren believed would affect him when the going was good. On March 29, 2011, about two weeks before Black Friday, Lindgren and Mike Sowers were the two biggest stacks because of the huge financial involvement with Full Tilt and poker as a whole.  They had played for glory and affluence before this Black Friday that left them speechless and frustrated.  Lindgren had devised an idea for multi-entry tournaments and it was only Sowers who had merged stacks at the final table of the weekend multi-entry. And on April 15, the Federal Prosecutors blocked the offshore site to United States player funds and all of the money Sowers had not cashed from the site.

Black Friday has gone and Sowers is not willing to bring on Lindgren who was deep in the event about the stab of Black Friday in their lives as poker players. Lindgren has been linked to the Full Tilt scandal because he had borrowed millions of dollars from Full Tilt but could not pay back.  A new day has began for the initiator of multi-entry poker tournament; Lindgren as he is trying to move past his past. And for Sowers, he is looking for a win.

When asked what a win would do to Sowers, a friend had replied “Would be huge. Mike is a great guy who got really unlucky to have such a massive portion of his roll stuck on Full Tilt.” For Lindgren, a win in Event No.49 would give him a lot of money that may exceed $8million and also hand him his second tournament.  Life continues for Lindgren because poker is a game that has been known to turn around the lives of men who have had rough lives from circumstances. However, this turn around depends on what Lindgren would play on the table.