Fabian quzoss is a famous poker player with a great record

He is the player of great force in the game of poker. He is a person who likes to be far away from media and interviews. He is recognized as a player who only likes to play poker game. A person who great skill set as well good technique you can also say that he is a player who makes a good plan that makes him to win the game. In 2010, Quos scored his first major live win at the English Poker Open in London. He cashed most of time in European poker tour and world poker tour tournaments. He faced many problems while playing poker because poker in not very famous in Asia and most of big live poker tournaments took place in America and Europe.
As of January 2014, he was 31 years old and hails from Nuremburg, Germany. At the time he entered the live tournament poker world, he was a student in Germany, but he has since taken to poker as more of a full-time endeavor. He is the player who makes his profession as passion for himself. He is a player who likes to play online games and cards. He is the player who even likes to make games in his pocket in critical situations. He also has won the London poker game. He is a player of great excellence. He has large cashes to his name. He is interested in playing in live poker tournaments all around the world.
At the age of 31, he started playing online poker tournament. He is a player who is recognized for his good game all over the globe. He is a player who has also been played the world series of poker. The player who has great talent and technique to tackle the opposition player.

Jason Mercier, most famous magazine player of year 2009

Jason Mercier is born on 12th November 1986, and now his age is 27 years old. His nickname is ‘treysfull21’. He lives in Hollywood, Florida. He has won two championships of world poker games. He has also entitled to the most famous European Poker game title. Due to his work and efforts in a poker game he was a member of Poker Stars. Jason Mercier he was named as Bluff Magazine player of the year 2009. He has top ranking according to the ESPN poker index game. He won nine tables and thirty one money finish in the ‘World Series of Poker’. He did not have until at least one title or final table in the ‘World Poker Tour’. But got the eight money finishes in the ‘World Poker Tournament’.

He was also played in the European Poker Tour in that he got one title, three final tables and five money finishes. His dedication and efforts made him professional poker player. In year 2009, he got the first bracelet with prize $237,415 in tournament ‘$1,500 Pot Limit Omaha’. In year 2011, Jason won a prize worth of prize $619,575 in tournament $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha. On 21st September 2010, Mercier won his first World bracelet with 3122 runners.

He won the first WCOOP in tournament $1,050 No Limit Hold’em with prize also won second bracelet in a world championship tournament. Mercier won the 2010 North America. He has 28 cashed at the WSOP and has earnings of $1, 850, 00 of those winnings. He was the player who bet Sam Stein and finished as runner-up in the NAPT. He also has a large contribution to the game of poker. He won bracelets and championship titles with a great difference and making him a renowned player in the game of poker all over the world.

Bracelet Winner with Everlasting Legacy

The World Series of Poker which is a spectrum of poker events held each year in Las Vegas fetes the winners of the tournament with a bracelet and a cash-prize depending on how many entrants and buy-ins a player has. However, in the recent years tremendous developments have revolutionized the events, with rapid increase in the number of sub-tournaments and participants. Frank R. Kassela is a US poker player residing in Las Vegas who has won the bracelet-accolade twice in the 2010 WSOP. As professional players will admit, few ever sail through to the events finals that are inundated with an army of players, elimination is almost inevitable.

Succinctly, Frank has garnered twin bracelets, has four appearances at finals and has cashed in 12 times at the WSOP. In 2005, he finished fourth in a Pot-limit Hold’em poker which garnered him $2,500 and the 2008 Razz event gave him $1,500. He finally got his first bracelet in 2010 WSOP at the $10,000 Better Championship; the first prize position gave him $447,446. The second bracelet accompanied by a hefty prize of $214,085 at the $2,500 Razz main event. Additionally, he was third at the 2010 World Series of Poker $25,000 No Limit Hold’em 6-hand event that garnered him $556,053.  He peremptorily cashed and lost in the WSOP 2010 main event where he earned $21,327.

By 2010, Frank’s gross live events earnings were beyond $2,200,000. With his one-time exemplary performance, he is equally tough as other top-notch players. However, he seems to have bounced back into poker limbo, if he is to return to the global arenas, he has great potential for distinguished performance. We should not forget that most players launch themselves to make a killing in the pursuit of financial independence and retire, perhaps, he is one of them. But we should hope he comes back re-invigorated.

Erick Lindgren- A Brief Look

Erick Lindgren-Professional player to win WPT
Many professional games are present in this world, out of which Poker turns to be played very much professionally. Poker players who play professionally are very much prevalent in these days too, by playing with techniques. Among those professional Pokers, Erick Lindgren is an American Professional Poker who holds 2 bracelets in WSOP. Erick was born on August 11th 1976 in California. Also, that Erick holds the fame of possessing 2 World Poker Tour Title. Erick turned possessing a child after getting married to the fellow Poker player who is named as Erica. Being a sponsored pro, Erick had been receiving a monthly pay check from the Full Tilt Poker.

Proud player:
Erick was considered as the WSOP Player of the Year 2008. Handling the game much professionally is what he does with so. Being the author of the books namely World Poker Tour: Making the final table which turned providing the cover strategy for the poker tournaments. Both Erick and Lindgren of his name sound to be Swedish names as he is from Swedish ancestry. He has made 28 cashes at the WSOP account. It was his first major tournament at Bellagrio by the year 2002 followed by which the he won his first World Poker Tour, just ten months later.

Again 6 months later, Erick Lindgren turned winning WPT Party Poker Million III Cruise, where he turned winning with million dollar prize. Then in the year 2005, Erick turned winning 2nd place in World Series of Poker Circuit. Then in the month of February, Erick finished winning in the 5th place, then a week next to that, he has won his 2nd Professional Poker Tour. By the year 2006, Erick made the next WPT table finishing in the 3rd place. Erick made many money finishes, also that he holds 2 bracelets in 2008 and 2013 WSOP events.