Bill Chen- Poker professional holding2 bracelets

When you think of playing the game, there are really plentiful games present so. There are some games which can give you immense pleasure and also fame too along with some cash prizes. Poker is one such game which is playable across the world from its inception. Many professionals do play the game, yet the professionals handling trick is something different from what you play so. Among such professionals, Bill Chen is a familiar professional knowable for his winning of 2 numbers of bracelets in his hands. The player is most familiar for his playing too.

The player Bill Chen is the very remarkable player from the place of USA. The player is the poker and is also a quantitative analyst too. The player is also the software designer on the other hand. The player Bill Chen turned winning the bracelets after playing WSOP in 2006. It was the same year he turned winning 2 numbers of bracelets in the very same year itself. Those two bracelets which the player earned was the event which are nameable as $2, 500 Short Handed No Limit Hold’em, and also the other turned out to be $3, 000 Limit Hold’em.

An author too:

It was by the year 1970; the player does hold Ph. D. in the subject of Mathematics. It is the degree which he earned from University of California. The player has also been an undergraduate too, where he majored in subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. The player has written a bibliography in the title based as The Mathematics of Poker. The player is also the member of Team Poker Stars and he is also the very player who played for a long time in group. The player has made cash finishes of 14 in numbers.