Aaron Paul With GPL

Good things happen when celebrities get associated with poker.

It was in recent news when the Madrid football star and a television star played poker at a poker tournament. Though the proceeds went to charity it also got the event a lot of coverage as well as shed light on how poker is a mind game.

Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad is the star who has made his debut in Global Poker League. The summer series kicked off this summer in June 2016. He stated at the time of being associated with the league that he had a lot of respect for the game. Indeed, the series and his association with it remain strong, even when the league continued. There is a famous line “Bitch” which he is asked to re-enact every time he makes an appearance for the poker events. Paul feels that there is a lot of energy that is needed in order to be successful in the game and that is where his views differ from other celebrities who have been associated with this game.

Paul confesses that he has been into card games from the very beginning, but poker is something that he started to dabble in only recently. His debut was in 2015 when he appeared in the World Series of Poker. However, his debut at that time was riddled with the conflicts with his acting schedule. However, he has always wanted to be part of the spectacle that poker puts up in Las Vegas. He states that he tried out playing the game a few years back in Las Vegas. Even though he played terribly he enjoyed himself and realized that he did not mind being associated with the game. Now he admits that he is addicted to the game. Ho of the GPL is happy to oblige him in this addiction.