13 thoughts on “3/3 S06E58 Poker After Dark – Season 6 Episode 58 – Mixed Martial Arts

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  2. i hate how they pretend the whole sit and go lasts the entire week. We all
    know it doesn’t. 5:02 Howar corrects himself. Comon….what is this kiddy
    land? The show it taped and is aired over the course of the entire week and
    takes one day to shoot it. They all wear the same clothes every day….i
    mean every show lol. I don’t know why they pretend the show takes the
    entire week to shoot. I just think that’s funny.

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  4. @Yamakashi1 wrestlers injure their ears all the time, the ears fill with
    blood and if you don’t suck that liquid out after a while your ears start
    to look like donuts.

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  9. fuck off nejad, that isnt the fighting spirit in him that made him make
    that call it was the littly tiny brain lacking the ability to think that
    made him call.

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