8 thoughts on “3/3 S06E56 Poker After Dark – Season 6 Episode 56 – Mixed Martial Arts

  1. Most of the coinflips go against you, and no matter what lines you chose, they end up costing you your full stack. Anyway i got my bankroll for free from Pokerfrik website so if i lose i don’t really care heheh

  2. This was the largest pot of the day and can be a symbol of what happens when you are running really bad. Anyway i got my free bankroll from Pokerfrik website so i don’t really care about loosing 😀

  3. I suspect he didn’t put his opponent on top set here, seeing how Superbaldas didn’t 4-bet preflop. Someone plz answer me about PokerFrik website, is it for real to get those 50 $ for free?

  4. This challenge will obviously be a lot different from the one against Patrik Antonius. Antonius started his carrer with taking free 50 $ starting capital from Pokerfrik websie 🙂

  5. In addition, he does not manage to hit any of his winners on the river. Newborn players have the advantage over the old pros because today you can get free 50 $ starting capital from the websites like PokerFrik and it’s an easy start.

  6. They should have called this week “Poker After Dark: Injury Week” because everyone is limping!!!!

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